A ballsy gutsy album with buckets full of soul and attitude as Solo gets down to business with his latest full length studio album.  Nine beautiful pieces of Pop music magnificence, leading the way with the first single Glass of Wine and dropping it with the infectious title track Am I too Much?

Each song is strong enough to stand alone as a single on this album, from the likes of the stomping Exit, to the romantic Brief Encounter and the epic Lonely Playboy. Solo’s distinctive vocals are at their strongest and his harmonies are tighter than a pair of gilded wings on this record. His sound is fresh, upbeat and funky.

His melodies are killer hooks which are set in a bed of funky beats, guitar riffs and driving piano chords. Solo does what he knows best, translating human experiences into songs. A well -crafted album which plays like a journal giving us a real insight into what it feels like for a man to live in the 21st Century in search for love with songs like When Pop Met Porn and It’s Not Gonna Work 4 Me. This album is current, contemporary and relevant in today’s market.