Raph Solo is the founder of Angel King Musique, an independent record label through which the artist releases his music and short film music video clips. His latest release is his third full length album, The Anonymous Icon, which he says is a tribute to all the unsung heroes who do great things not for acknowledgment or fame but out of love. From the Album, Raph Solo released Star, the lead single which he dedicated to his mum. “My mum is my star, she has helped shape me into the man I am today! This is my thank you song to her” Solo explains. The second single, Good Morning London, a metaphorical break up song about finding your way back home is a tribute to the city which helped shaped Solo into the man he is today. Of the song’s message “be yourself, no matter what they say” Solo explains “we often tend to loose ourselves in relationships and the sweetness gets taken for weakness and, we end up saying yes, to please our partners because we love them, when really we want to say no. We should always remember to love and honour ourselves”. The Anonymous Icon, which features both hit singles Star and Good Morning London is available to download on iTunes and all other major retail online stores.

Angel King is a derivative of the artist’s full name Raphael Solomon.

Raphsolo.com is a journey into his world, hence, The Angel King Experience.

Following the release of his second studio album, Am I Too Much, in 2014, Raph Solo returned in 2015 with all the pop inspired funk you could ask for.

He released an up-tempo Pop themed EP called The Love Capsule in 2015 which gave us Melodic productions infused with timeless lyrics and bouncy synth grooves which are fit to get you dancing.

Of The Love Capsule EP the artist says “love is always the message in my music. With The Love Capsule, I wanted to start with the man in the mirror. It’s about self-love. It’s about giving yourself the benefit of the doubt to pursue your dreams because there is always a chance they may come true when you believe in them. I am fortunate to live in London, where I am able to say ‘Love is Love’ without being discriminated against and although, I may not be able to change the world, I am definitely able to contribute in my own small way and look forward to a time when we can say ‘The Future is Love’.

Following Am I Too Much in 2014, a gutsy and soulful record in which the artist addressed interpersonal relationships candidly with a tongue in cheek, in your face attitude, his second album came fresh with killer hooks, funky beats and an urgency to get to the point on tracks like When Pop Met Porn, It’s Not Gonna Work 4 Me, Lonely Playboy and Let’s Make Love.

His subsequent studio recording, The Love Capsule, hits like a supersonic bullet with titles like Good Morning London, Last Night and Lucky Strike and it will undoubtedly leave you with a ‘neurofying’ effect and a joyous smile. “Just like a love capsule…” the artist jokes.

In 2013 Raph Solo released Glass of Wine, the lead single from his second album with remixes from The Club Junkies. The single ushered a brand new sound and entered the UK Commercial Pop Club Chart, introducing a new chapter in the artist’s musical career.

In 2014, Raph Solo produced two short films titled Am I Too Much and Monogamy in The 21st Century which featured music from his album Am I Too Much to deliver the message of his second album.

Finally / The Album was Raph Solo’s debut album on Angel King Musique. The album was released in 2012 and spun four hit singles, Rich in My Heart, Manimal, Finally and Brand New Dime, all of which featured remixes by UK’s top producers Ruff Loaderz, The Thin Red Men, Mickey Galliano and The Club Junkies, and scored him entries in Music Week’s Commercial Pop Club Charts.

In 2012 Raph Solo made his debut as an author with The Memoirs of Angel King. The book received critical acclaim with its controversial subject matter which explored sexual re-orientation and reparative therapy through which he spoke out from personal experience.

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